I (MB) had to pee in the middle of the night and we were camped on the side of the road. Something cold brushed my leg so I recoiled away. My headlamp beam found that I had almost squatted on some barbed wire! Dear Lord!

Tried climbing in Frenchman’s Coulee on the highly recommended Sunshine Wall. Can you say clueless? The name should have been some sort of indicator to the misery we would face on this blistering hot day. No shade, over 100 degrees (see pic.) and the rock was too hot to touch. The dogs started looking a tad ill so we decided to make the death march out. Our heatstroke was soon alleviated by lying in the shade of the camper and hydrating with cold refreshing beverages (aka beer).

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the river playing fetch with Magoo while Misha whined on the shore because she hates the water. Topping off the day, we had the pleasure of meeting the parking lot greeter. He was very eager to tell anyone about the nude beach down the trail. Eek! (sorry no pics.)

The next day was more successful as ironically we found shade on the Middle East wall.