Greg had to work all day in the camper which was parked in front of a coffee shop, on asphalt, on the hottest day known to the planet. We were parked here because we were misinformed that this was the only place to get free wi-fi. (which ended up not so free due to the large breakfast we ordered to get the password)

I (MB) was bored, hot and annoyed so I decided to kill off the pets one by one. First, I forgot to close the truck door. Mr. Foon jumped out and stealthily maneuvered underneath parked cars so that we couldn’t catch him. Did I mention we were parked on a very busy road with lots of semi’s passing thru? The little dude was rescued and is currently alive and well.

(Mr. Foon, exhausted after his brush w/ death )

Then I took Misha and Magoo to the nearby river to play fetch. Magoo, in his excitement, jumped off a very steep embankment and landed on his side in a rocky river bed. I was sure that he busted his ribs but he shook it off and was ready to play some more. The day did get better and we met John at the park for some Frisbee and then went for dinner.

Greg is a freak! No, I mean had a freak moment and karate chopped 2 cups of water off our table. No one knows why. Perhaps he an Mr. Magoo share the same “sense” for their surroundings. We had just told John that we’re the kind of people that other people watch in restaurants because we’re so obnoxious. Need I say more?

(John & Greg kickin’ it in Winthrop)