Climbed an 11 pitch sport route in Mazama, WA called Prime Rib. MB fondly calls it “The Hurting” because she got a goose egg on her shin, sliced open her thumb and then the other shin. The climb offers amazing exposure and starts at the top of a gnarly scree hill (i.e. loose rocks and boulders for you non climbers). After 45 minutes, we we got to the top of the hill where the technical climbing begins. At this point Greg realized he had forgotten his climbing shoes and had to hike all the way back down (good thing I remembered the keys going back down, eh?).

We met a woman climbing who was 62 and had started climbing when she was 50. Hello, Mom’s and Dad. That’s your age, eh? (We say that in Canada don’t ya know)

After the climb and while rappelling (that’s how we get down, you non climbers), Greg heard a:
“Did you see that?”.. “See what?”.. “the camera”.. “No, where is it?) Death to the small camera!!! It fell at least 100 ft to its demise. It was in MB’s pocket don’t ya know.
Upon reaching terra-firma, we found a swimming hole for the pups and let Magoo go schwimming.