I…I mean….we are determined to institute “Kill Your Spouse with Your Mind” Day as an official holiday. Watch for Hallmark greeting cards on the shelves this time next year. We were really getting on each others nerves today. Our big argument was over where the shampoo should be stored in the camper. “…in the freakin’ drawer, D.A.!”

To douse the flames, on the drive from Winthrop to Penticton we stopped for a lovely lunch and wine tasting at the Burrowing Owl Winery & Restaurant. While touring the facility, I scared the crap out of Greg. There was this bell hanging at the top of the tower and Greg told me I had to ring it but I refused to give in to peer pressure. He then looked away to take a picture, and I rung it hard… very hard!

..and that’s the way a married couple of 6 years works out controversy.

We checked emails during the evening and received the attached video link from our friend and neighbor, Troy. As you can see, he is taking good care of our house while we’re gone. Click here => HOUSE UPDATE