(Mishalou having a spa day- note tuff’s of hair in background & campsite near the lake)

(Foon chillin’ in the back seat)
We climbed at Skaha Bluffs in Penticton for two days. This place was great because we were able to knock off a bunch of really fun climbs that were in a row and in the shade.

Our first night ended in a deep stank funk that was created by us. We tried to shower and do laundry at our campground but we found that showers were not included and had to be paid for with Loonies. The laundry machines also only took Loonies. The elusive Loonie is the Canadian dollar. We had loaded up on quarters (not Loonies) so we were SOL for the night. We had to go to bed very stinky and with no clean underwear for the next day.
(Action shots of Magoo playing ball)
The second night we ate at a fun restaurant called Salty’s. Greg shot a piece of his ice cream cake across the restaurant floor and MB dumped her glass of water into her lap. (That’s what she said, anyway.)