9/28 Drove to Galena Bay and caught the ferry to Shelter Cove. ..
view from our campground

9/29 When Greg finished with work, we headed to the Begbie Bluffs and climbed on Raptor Wall. ..


……………………………………………..Who is sexiest? You choose.

When we got back to our campsite, I found that my flip flop (brand new) had fallen out of the truck at some point and my new Canadian cookbook was somehow smeared in coffee goo. Greg continues to blame poor little Foon. Then, while cooking a fancy, time-consuming ethnic dinner, the plastic garbage bag that hangs over the stove melted from the heat of the burners causing old orange peels and coffee grounds to drop into the stir fried veggies and the butter chicken sauce.

Quote of the day:
MB: “Could you stop tapping your foot?”
G: “Why?”
MB: “It sounds like you’re tapping a message to hell.”
G: “I’m telling them to get your room ready.”

Yes, this is our idea of vacation and yes, we’re having fun!

9/30 We drove on one of the most scenic roads ever to get to the Keystone Trail. When we finally got to the trail head, which took over an hour & mostly up a four-wheel drive road, it started to snow and temps dropped from 54 to 44°. So we popped the top on the camper, made some tea, and enjoyed the smell of wet dogs. Unfortunately, conditions worsened and it started to blizzard so we drove all the way back down the mountain and camped roadside. Bummer, dude.

Keystone trail head when we pulled up…………………20 minutes later and 10 degrees colder!