After a lazy morning of relaxing, we rode to town to hit up the local bike shops for some ride recommendations. We then stopped in the Oso Nego coffee house for some delish breakfast and awesome coffee.

Greg eating a Love Bar from Oso Negro
Both bike shops gave us the same recommendation – a race circuit that had been raced a week prior. We, meaning Greg, decided that we should “just ride from our campsite” to the trail head. 45 minutes later, we were still pedalling up a steep road. We found the trail head and climbed another 45 minutes on a jeep road. We finally found some schweet single track and rode back to camp. Note-to-self: race course = LOTS of uphill.
Greg in soup-a’ sonic mode ………………purple mushroom – duh.
On day 2, we attempted another ride in Nelson at an area called Mountain Station. If free-ride and DH are your thing, then this is the place. We were told our cross country bikes would be fine but even the twin Yeti 575’s were a little out of their league. We were forced to take a green run (yeah, right!) back to the truck.
Funny thing happened: Greg’s hanger broke off his derailleur. It happened right after he lectured me about us staying together, just in case I got a flat or something. We weren’t even on the trail yet; we were still riding the fire road to the trail head.
For some much deserved R&R, we stopped at the Ainsworth Hot Springs and Vapor Caves on our way out of town.