7th: We went downhillin at Whistler Bike Park and had an AWESOME day! Afterwards, we chillaxed in our hot tub, then ate in front of the fire place.

8th: When Greg got off work, we did a cross country ride in the Lost Lake area which was fantastic. We’ve been to Whistler many times and didn’t even know this area existed! We finished out the day back in the hot tub.

9th: Today was, sadly, our last day of downhilling. The day started out in a rough way with much confusion over our bike passes, which lines to stand in, and MB starting her..uh nevermind..

The rest of the day was amazing. With Ninja Cougar, Karate Monkey, Samurai Pizza Cat, Ho Chi Man, and a leg of A-Line being the favorite run of the day. No, you don’t know what this means but if you would ever get off your fat bum and go downhillin’ in Whistler, you will agree that this is an awesome way to spend your day.

We took a break for lunch and were stopped by a film crew that was making a commercial for the Canadian Board of Tourism. They filmed us talking about the down hill biking and how much we liked it. I think we’ll probably be cut from the footage because we acted like ourselves – a couple of morons.