10/4 Imagine that…we’re still in Revelstoke and to think most of the locals live here due to the 40ft snowfall average! We climbed again and had a rather fabulous day of it. Ate poutine which is this very elegant dish of French fries, gravy, and cheese curds. Quite yummy in our tummies.

Then we drove to Kamloops. First I’ll just say, “Kamloops Schmamloops”. We couldn’t find camping anywhere. The only campground we located charged $22 a night, which was a crime because the place was so ghetto that they should have been paying us to stay there (the city posted warnings the water should be boiled before drinking!!). We drove around until 1 am and got so tired, that we just pulled off onto the shoulder of a country road.

10/5 Ok, so we were not thrilled with Kamloops. We had heard the biking was good but the place looks like Wyoming: windy, cold, and lots of wandering cows. There were signs of rednecks everywhere such as garbage left all over and the wilderness totally toe-up by 4 wheelers & motorcycles. Oh, and there were swastika symbols spray painted on the wilderness maps so we were unable to see where the biking trails were supposed to be. Nice, eh? Who knew there were rednecks in Canada?
10/6 Today was a “Big” driving day. As soon as we were well caffeinated, we: packed-it-up, packed-it-in, and packed-it-out…ready to begin, or whatever. Anyway, we head off to WHISTLER!

We arrived in Whistler and booked a 3 night stay at our favorite condo (no camper tonight!) and immediately saw a family of black bears on the walkway behind our condo. They were so funny. The cubs were running around a stack of concrete blocks as the momma was trying to find them (see pics).
baby bear