After the great riding in Campbell River, we drove south to ride Cumberland and oh what a surprise! Today was the “pre-qualifier” for the Square Dancing Competition for the B.C. Senior Olympic games.
P1000530.JPG P1000531.JPG

After such an inspirational display of athleticism we decided that rain or shine, riding was to be had.

Our recommendations: Two & a Juice, Buggered Pig, Teapot, Thirsty Beaver, Blue Collar, Crafty Butcher, Space Nugget, and Short & Curly.

Breaking the mold, the next day we opted for some lift service action on Mt. Washington. It’s quite a bit smaller than Whistler but well worth it!

The last day in Cumberland was spent once again on the fantastic single track network accessed right from town.

P1000558.JPG P1000562.JPG
Our very own Buggered Pig! …………………………………Thirsty Beaver trail

P1000563.JPG P1000572.JPG
………………….Trail art ……………………Skinny dipping at the reservior. Magoo opted to keep his clothes on.

P1000582.JPG P1000586.JPG
MB almost mowed down this Western Toad. ……One of many of MB’s traumatic tumbles.

With Duncan, Campbell River, and Cumberland under our belts, the last best place to ride on the Island was the “Doumont” area in Nanaimo.

When we first got there, we decided to take a little stroll with the pooches to get them some excerise before we went for our long ride. That’s when MB wiped out in the first 30 seconds on the trail.


Little did we know, Nanamio had other more sinister surprises for us.

Sweet “technical” single track:


Yes, you read it right. The waste water treatment plant spreads it’s “waste” across various parts of the forest… and we had to ride through 100 yrds of it in an unmarked appliation area!!!!! Sorry no pic’s but we couldn’t bear to stop in the sludge!!!

After we got over our complete disgust, we were able to return to some great riding along the trails: Poop Chute(hahaaaa!!!), Bruin, Mai U, Cuppa Tea, Space Balls (aka the sludge area), Gateway, TNT, Hades, Penny Lane, Styx, Beeline, Trouble, and Wolverine… to name a few.

Sastified with what Nanaimo had to offer and excited for the mainland, we packed it up and headed for the Ferry to Horseshoe Bay.