We made it back to the mainland and ran into more rain in Squamish. We decided to take a rest day and do laundry. While there, we realized we didn’t have enough cash to finish our load. I jumped in the truck to drive to an ATM machine and started pulling out of the parking lot. I immediately noticed that the dogs were running along with me and thought, “That’s not right. They should be tied down.” I stopped the truck and jumped out to find that the dogs were tied TO the truck!!! I nearly had a coronary. Greg came running out and angry words were exchanged. The dogs were fine and Greg and I made up and that was the end of that.

Day 2 in Squamish: more bloody rain which ruined our picnic and foiled our attempts at climbing for the day. We headed for the library to catch up on emails and Facebook.

The theme song for the summer owl crew was Brown Girl in the Ring by Boney M. You shouldn’t even look it up because you’ll never be able to stop singing it. Lo and behold, a book by that name was on the shelf right behind MB! Tra-la-la-la-laaa…..
I sure hope it stops raining…so I don’t have to see MB make this face again.

Tuesday Morning we wake up to blue skies!! Time to hit Whistler for one last day of downhillin’. But first things first.


Saw lots of bears today