Apparently, this has unofficialy become the “Beaver Trip” with beavers carved in trees, trails & beers named beaver, and vans painted with beavers.

FINALLY, that shining orb in the sky came out so we pretended to be climbers. Oh, Smoke Bluffs how we’ll miss you.

Following a full day of climbing, we awoke to rain! Not to be discouraged, we packed up the gypsy wagon, let Misha drive, Magoo navigate, and headed for the Vancouver Aquarium.

We saw a two-toed sloth, a fish that eats monkeys, an awesome bat display, a frog with eggs embedded on her back, beluga whales with a baby, jelly fish, a tiny monkey, and tons more frogs. Ironically, being at the aquarium and all, our favorite displays were the frogs. The jelly fish came in a close second.

Monkey eating fish

At the risk of being struck by lightening or some other form of negative karma retribution, MB ate fish & chips while watching the Beluga whale show.

Goodbye British Columbia….for now.