The offical vacation is now over, but the the new office has a great view. Today we woke up to an incredible sunrise over Bend, Oregon.

To our delight, we caught Mishalou chewing on a deer carcass which led to 3 days of diarrhea and vomitting. Then to our humiliation, we caught the dogs chasing the U.S. Forest Service truck down the road. It’s gonna be a great day.

When Greg got off work, we hit Phil’s Trails.

Then Phil’s trail hit back (see below).

MB got bangs and immediately hated them so she needed MORE CUPCAKES! YEAH!!!

Magoo recovering from his longest ride ever (15 Miles).

Breaking from the same-old-same-old (i.e. Deschutes Brewery “tasting”) we decided to try some other breweries in town. Bend Brewery had delicious beer and 10 Barrel had great ambiance and food!
So, is it same-old or same-ole or same-oh? What the ??? Who makes up these sayin’s?