What can we say other than “WOW we have ridden some great stuff” along this journey. The Pacific Northwest continues to surprise us with spectacular single track and Oakridge continued the trend.

We were chatting with some locals in town when one of them looked out at our truck and said, “hey, is that your cat?”. Both Greg and I said yes as we were looking up because we thought she was pointing at Foon. She was. However, Foon was not in the truck. Instead, he was standing on the hood of it!!!!
Sweet mother! I ran to him, while calmly saying his name as we were parked right next to the highway and I didn’t want him to jump down. The little dude knew he was in trouble and immediately made his way back into the truck the same way he came out: climbing ontop of the side mirror and back thru the partially opened window.
P1000922.JPG P1000595.JPG
Who me?!
We drove out to Sandy Point Campground and biked a portion of the Middle Fork Trail. Real single track riding, pretty smooth and flowy. The leaves were changing and there were crazy looking mushrooms everywhere.
Recycling in Oregon is done via return machines where a mechanism sucks in the item which is quite startling the first time you use it.