You’re all probably tired of the same stories, so here is a little dittie we forgot to tell about Cumberland:

-Two Albrechtsens go into bar.
-Drink two pictures of Thirsty Beaver beer
-Contemplate getting tattoos
-Instead, spent hours dodging saliva spittle from a highly inebriated local who we fondly nicknamed The Wolf man. You see, The Wolf man owns a full bred wolf he got “legally” from the Indian reservation. After hangin’ with him for a couple hours, there were 2 things we were very clear about: “Wolves hate men and would kill me (Greg), but MB would be just fine.” He repeated this nearly ever couple minutes so we’re certain it’s true. And, wolf saliva can cauterize wounds. MB never learned this in mammalogy but we now are well educated on the matter. Cheers.