We had heard the climbing in Kalymnos, Greece was amazing so we decided to check things out for ourselves. Uh….yeah, it was and we had such an awesome time that we would love to return every year. Here are some of our favorite photos:
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In 1999, I had torn out an article from National Geographic Adventure about Meteora, Greece that had pictures of the most beautiful and unusual rock formations I had ever seen. We were able to visit this town and get in a day of climbing.

Athens is a dirty city with graffiti splattering’s covering a majority of the downtown buildings. We accidentally wandered down skid row one day after visiting a museum and witnessed a man peeing full out in the street and another group of folks shooting up drugs. Ya’ll this is reality! Greg & I realized how naive we are in that moment. I was so intrigued that I almost starting photographing the scene. Greece is currently experiencing extreme economic distress and the feeling of hopelessness was intense in the downtown area.

The most memorable moments of our most spectacular vacation:

  • Fabulous climbing on cliffs overlooking the glorious ocean
  • Pretending we were the Flintstones by “running” the scooter up the steep hills
  • Not being allowed to put toilet paper in the toilet but every now and then forgetting and then yelling “HOLY $@!@!”
  • The 8 hour climbing day (9 pitches and over 300 meters) on Telendos: 1.5 hrs hiking in, 3.5 hours climbing, 3 hours hiking all the way back around the island down a very steep slope
  • The woman falling into the ocean from her seat at a restaurant table. She landed fully standing! Tah dah!
  • Being validated in our future life on the road when we met Tony and Rachael who have already been living our dream for the past 6 years!!!
  • Finishing our trip in the nicest hotel we have ever stayed in that pampered us and let us decompress before facing the craziness that awaited us at home. Thank you Hilton!