Recap of Thanksgiving dinner prep:

  • My friend decides to rotisserie her turkey.
  • Turkey will not balance on the grill skewer.
  • We YouTube cooking rotisserie turkey and obviously cooking twine is necessary.
  • We have no cooking twine.
  • Turkey parts flapping everywhere. Very appropriate.
  • Greg hammers in aluminum nails to hold everything together. Apparently, a MacGyver in the making.
  • Then husband of friend decides that the entire turkey should be covered in aluminum foil while it cooks.
  • EMERGENCY call made to Turkey hotline. Did you know that existed?
  • It was confirmed that we should absolutely NOT cover turkey with foil while cooking on rotisserie. 
  • Greg & husband leave for mountain bike ride. MB jumps in shower.
  • Grill propane runs out. How long ago? Nobody knows……
  • Friend runs out leaving me with wild & unpredictable small children loose in house while I’m still in shower. 
  • Friend can’t find anyone to refill tank so buys entirely new tank for $60.
  • Dinner to be served at 12:00 served at 1:30 but very delish.

All are very thankful.