It all started with sleeping at THE truck stop from hell.IMAG0155

NOTE:  Yes the big blue truck engine cycled several times throughout the night.

Still in AZ, we made our way to the Cochise Stronghold that we had been peer pressured into visiting by our friends Erika, Robb, Bob, and Vera. We went to bed early so we could have an alpine start (aka before the sun rises) to the very long 6 pitch/5 rappel route, Wasteland. We awoke to snowy conditions so the climb was cancelled for the day but we hiked to the rock anyway.  It ended up being highly beneficial because the approach was not straight forward and took us twice as long as it should have.  Well that and the copious amounts of coffee gave us a few delays along the hike in too.

The sun came out and we were able to get in some super sport climbing on Zappa Dome that afternoon.  That is, until the snow came again and drove us back to the shelter of the camper.

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Cochise, Snow Day

..and somewhere along Wasteland:

Day 2 of Cochise: snow, rain, and more snow. Another great day for hiking with the dogs and doing some birding.  Wasteland still awaits us!

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Cochise, Birding
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After a few more days of crazy weather and Greg having to work like a madman, we were able to climb. When we finally got around to climbing Wasteland, we ended up doing the Albrechtsen variation which is a nice way of saying that we got lost and increased the difficulty. When we started the climb it was 26 degrees F and when we finished it was in the 60s. We were climbing in our thermals and were melting, melting. While MB was climbing, she couldn’t figure out where the route went and started yelling “What the Sam Hill is going on here!!!!” (in honor of the Grooters). All in all it was a spectacular day, as every climber loves a good epic every now and then.

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Cochise, Climbing

Memorable moments in time:
– MB’s waste bag getting caught on a cactus and ripping open during a long hike.
–  Seeing those silly Boulder people having their “Hugs & Love” party via FB. They have now forced us to organize our own annual Care Bear, Rainbow Bright, & My Little Pony Party. Date and location to be announced.
-Climbing with double ropes when not needed (i.e. rope spaghetti madness and tree shenanigans)
-Slinging those sketchy chicken heads