Sedona was just awesome. We ate, biked, ate, hiked, ate, biked, hiked-a-bike, then ate some more.

Sedona mountain biking was some of the best we’ve ever done even in the rain. Inclement weather did prevent us from rock climbing so we’ve made up our minds to visit again in 2012.  Also, I’m not a big hiker but the views were spectacular and the trails dog friendly.


Cafe Elote is a not to miss dinner restaurant. We loved it so much, we ate there twice and bought the cookbook.

Some trails we’d recommend to others: Aerie, Cocks Comb, Western Civilization, Last Frontier, and Highline (hike-a-bike). So many trails to explore; so little time.


Moments in time we’d most like to forget:

  • Greg getting pulled over for speeding and us not being able to locate his drivers’ license, our vehicle registration, or proof of insurance.
  • The cop informing us that our rear rack was completely blocking our license plate
  • The cop suspecting our vehicle was stolen because the Colorado “system” was down and they were unable to verify our vehicle plates were valid.
  • The $180 speeding ticket

Dear Sedona, we’ll see you again soon. Love, MB & GregoryDSCN2440