On our way from from Arizona to  spend Christmas and New Years with Greg’s mom in Utah, we took a quick side trip through Bryce Canyon.  Such a beautiful place.

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Bryce Canyon, Utah
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We thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with Greg’s mom and fortunately, I was also able to visit with my close friend Carolina who’s work visa had run out and was being deported back to Columbia. We also hooked up with some climbing buddies we met in Kalymnos, Greece for a super fun day of climbing and hanging out. Thank you Gale and Les.


We were unable to locate winter in Salt Lake as they had zero snow so we drove to Montana to check out the ice climbing situation there. It is fabulous and if you get a chance to go, don’t pass it up.

We camped at the base of an ice climbing crag and were able to get up, hike in 20 minutes, and climb until we could barely move. It was stupendous! The scenery wasn’t all that bad either.

Here are our photos. Enjoy!

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Hyalite Canyon, MT