Attempts to climb in Field, British Columbia were a little frustrating. As we drove into town, a blizzard cancelled our ice climbing plans for the day and a trip to a local ski hill became our consolation. DSCN2937

To our extreme delight, we were able to ice climb Guinness Gully the next day.

DSCN2951    DSCN2946

Cat I started throwing up the day before we left but cats do that so we let it slide. Day 3, Cat I still occasionally throwing up. Cat II experienced a terrible butt blowout! Spent 20 minutes trying to clean the cat with snow. I also was not feeling well. Nausea and upset stomach probably due to cleaning up cat vomit. Took dogs for long hike but mostly kept an eye on Hell Cats I & II.

Cat I and Cat II puked all night so we called it quits and headed home to get them to the vet.

DSCN2725 IMAG0343
IMAG0351 IMAG0329