Winter began to subside.  We made the best of it and still got in several more pitches of ice.

Finally winter ended and summer begun.  With our lease up (in Canmore) and much reluctance, we began to head South, although the pleasures of Canada would still be plenty

On our way back to the States we stopped in Penticton,BC.  Penticton holds some of the finest sport climbing (@ Skaha Bluffs).

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Climbing @ Skaha Bluffs

What is there to do in Skaha (aka Penticton, BC) while not climbing?  Go wine tasting of course.  The Okanagan Valley contains some of the best wine tasting (Blasted Church, Stag Hollow, Hillside Estate, La Frenz, Summer Hill) we’ve ever had.  Our intention was to stay for a weekend but we nearly stay for two weeks.


With California (aka J-tree, Bishop, and Yosemite) still in our sights, south we must go.

Good-bye for now Canada WE MISS YOU!!

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Final Days on Ice