When we say mo-town we don’t mean that funky vibe with music, rhythm and soul. We mean Salt Lake City “Mo-town”.  All of our summer gear (aka the Yeti’s) is locked up safe at my Mom’s house. So we had the daunting task of ditching all the winter gear and replace with summer gear.  Apparently, you need a lot of footwear for a Canadian winter.

IMAG0586 IMAG0614

A visit to Mom’s would be remiss without a few chores that prove why we no longer desire to live in a house.  A 8ftx5ft square box on wheels has enough upkeep, let alone an entire house with a yard!!

Once the gear was sorted we were able to mend a few camper items, climb with my brothers family, become reacquainted with old Friends (Thanks to Steph & Ron for nights full of laughter and great BBQ’s), and find a few unwanted ones (4 to be exact in Mr. Magoo’s ears!!).


When in SLC there are three things you must do: Climb Little Cottonwood Canyon, Hike in the Wasatch, and sample the local brew pub (yes you heard me.. brew).

Hiking in SLC: WORD OF CAUTION- IF you plan to hike more than 1 mile in a 4hr period, DO NOT go with birders.

Climbing in LLC: WORD OF CAUTION- The fully exposed routes face due south thus get VERY hot in the mid afternoon.

Local Brew’s in SLC: SLC is not as backward as you think.  There are some fine breweries and tap houses around town (Desert Edge, Squatters, Bayou) and NO you don’t need to be a member!

When it was time to move on there was a small revolt by the fury crew.

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