So…..we never made it to California. Again. Why? MB decided to take a job back in Colorado. The irony is we are camping in a state park a mere 23 miles from our house. Dudeman!


Shortly after we got back, one of our closest friends became seriously ill.  We were so thankful to be around to spend time with he and his family.

According to NOAA, the month of June was the warmest on record! We thought we weren’t going to make here because we didn’t have air conditioning. We and the furry crew were not happy campers.  Another confounding factor – Colorado suddenly went up in flames. We were nearly driven out by the smoke and heat. MB had a severe allergic reaction to the smoke and could barely hike at work because she was unable to breathe.

We had to put the whole situation in God’s hands because we definitely thought we had made the wrong decision moving back to Colorado.


Long story short, MB’s job and people she works with are amazing. After 2 weeks, we were able to find an air conditioner that worked with our camper (thanks to redneck ingenuity). The fires abated by the beginning of July and MB was literally able to sigh with relief.

We did two lovely trips to the mountains to get away from the heat and smoke.

  • Fraser for mountain biking
  • Monitor Rock for rock climbing.
  • Highlights: Momma moose with triplets!!!! in Rocky Mountain NP


Interesting side story: while at Monitor Rock, a man walked up that we recognized. It was Curt from Salt Lake City who we met while in Greece. He had also showed up in Idaho at the beginning of June. Seriously Curt, quit stalking us. 🙂