On the road that is.  We had quite the summer in Colorado! MB finished her job and we were yearning to get back on the road.  During our last week in Colorado, we were able to hang out and say goodbye to our dearest friends and we thank those of you who made time for us.

A HUGE thank you to the Grooters.  What amazing friends you are.  Thanks dearly for letting us camp/live in your gutter (literally).  Without you, living in Colorado would have been far more difficult.  Especially after we got kicked out of the State Park for staying tooooo long. 😀 Lastly, thanks for the wonderful birthday/send-off party complete with balloons and streamers!!! Heather, you ROCK!!!!



We decided to get this showboat on the road and our first stop was…… the Fort Collins Brewery.  YEAH! Our friend Jia met us out for some laughs & libations.

Then, in true MG&B style, all forward momentum came to a halt so Greg could travel for work.  So, after one day on the road, MB was left to fend for herself at Curt Gowdy State Park, WY where there is much hiking and swoopy mountain biking to be had.

More delays as Greg’s luggage was lost then MB had to try on numerous pairs of cowgirl boots in preparation for living free range.


We did finally make it to enchanting South Dakota.

We LOVE it here!

Greg warming up on what we thought was a 5.8. Uh, no, that’s the 5.11.

MB at the crux