Oh dear. We love it here. We’ve been to Mt. Rushmore TWICE!!!  We went to the cheesy Bear Country USA animal park. We’ve climbed and climbed some more. Oh dear.

Then why must we go? The wind started blowing 50+ miles per hour and we can’t climb no mo’.

Here are a few of our favorite things while in SD.

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South Dakota

Ok, now that you’re done looking at the pictures… yes those climbs were SCARY!  It wasn’t the height or exposure but the unprotected 40ft run-out nature of climbing in the Black Hills.  All in all we planned to be here for only about two days but stayed nearly an entire week.

Climbing near Mt. Rushmore was a nice cragging experience and a good place to get a feel for the style.  Now Climbing in Custer State Park (aka the Needles) was altogether something else.  The routes ranged from 140ft single pitch or longer 3 or 4 pitch routes.  Some sport routes, some trad routes, while others claimed to be mixed.  This was a great place to test your nerves and ability to not fall.

Lastly, when you see us next please remind us to tell you about our wolf attack!  It’s true.  We were attacked by a REAL Timber wolf.

NOTE:  Thanks to Bill and Cori (whoever you are) for all the beta.