We got to climb this! Yeah, we climbed that one time. We hopped on a moderately rated route to find that we couldn’t even squeeze our wee digits into the crack. Grunting and cussing ensued. Don’t get me wrong. We had fun. Yes we DID!

DSCN5651 DSCN5648DSCN5637 DSCN5654

The next day we attempted some other fun climbs. Well, we think they would have been fun but we never made it there. We scrambled and climbed the 5.4 scramble (HA) and never could get to the much desired starts to those climbs. We regrouped over Justin’s maple almond butter and jam sandwiches and decided to feel very sorry for ourselves. This led to driving to town to seek consolation beer and pizza. We were cheered by bartender Michael and his confessions of  embracing the shame of having Beiber Fever.

Um….yeah, this is how we wash dishes in Wyoming. In the bidet/ toilet contraption. Don’t judge.


Bad weather moved in and so we moved out in search better weather elsewhere.