On our way to Utah, we made a quick stop in Lander, WY for a couple of days of climbing and eating good food before driving to Utah (our home base).IMAG0335

1. MB got a bad massage that gave her a migraine headache for 2 days.
2. Greg’s mom loves house projects but has a tendency to attack them with a 1 step forward, 2 steps back approach.
For example: Unnamed perpetrator (UP)- reads directions for hanging wall texture paper then explains how process should work to 2 innocent bystanders (IB)

UP: “Paper is soaked in water for 10 minutes then hung on wall.”
IB’s: Listen and obey
UP: then soaks strips of paper in water for 10 minutes then picks up soaking wet strips and hands to IB#1 on top of ladder to hang on wall.

Glue from back of paper comes pouring off the paper and onto the carpet. Also, the drenched paper has absorbed so much water that it weighs 10 pounds and begins to tear. Air bubbles form where the adhesive portion of the paper is separating from the textured part of the paper.

Oh, goody.

IB#2: Picks up instructions after 1/3rd of the paper has been hung and reads “Paper is soaked in water for 10 SECONDS and then folded on itself and let sit for 5 minutes.”

Oh dear…

3. The camper heater took 4 days to get repaired so we were late leaving for Yosemite. While in Nevada, we figured out that the heater was not repaired properly when it began to sound like an airplane taking off. We did get a refund and the employee who worked on it was supposedly fired. Hummm