Finally!!  Yes, we made it to Yosemite.  Wonderful, wonderful place! Although it rained for 4 days; we did have 4 days of sun and amazing climbing.


The rainy days weren’t so bad as Greg worked and we got in a few nice hikes. However, anyone who has been near a wet dog should be able to appreciate the unpleasantries of 4 wet mammals in an enclosed 100 square foot box.


It was our first Thanksgiving literally in the camper. MB did an outstanding job with the limited kitchen and put together quite the spread of turkey cutlets, mashed yams, homemade Cab-Franc cranberry sauce, rolls, and veggies.  Mmmmm.

One of our hikes involved an interesting wildlife hike with an interpretive ranger. The entire group heard a very loud gunshot type noise. Greg asked the ranger if someone was hazing the bears. She responded that it was rock fall we were hearing. Say what?! Suddenly, 5 deer go rushing past our group away from the “rock fall” noise. Then, a bear comes running into the field adjacent the trail we are hiking. Chasing the bear is a woman carrying a high-powered air gun. The ranger sees none of this. We are yelling, “Look at all those deer!” and “hey, there’s a bear!” We decided at this point we would probably see more wildlife without the ranger so we hiked on our own.