Once again we have crossed the border. I’d like to say our first stop in Canada was somewhere exciting but not quite. Our first stop was, yup, Immigration. It seems we may never cross this border unquestioned. We had two apples. Apparently guns, pepper spray, swords, Mexican refugees, and any fruit with a core are not allowed into Canada. DOH!

Moving along into our first night we found a great camping spot near a river in the Juniper Beach Provincial Park. This spot will always be remembered as the place you can sit silently by a river AND listen to trains honking and screeching throughout the night. Ah, to be in nature. Move along folks don’t camp here.

On to Revelstoke. We’ll say it again. We LOVE Revy! Our first night was rewarded with indoor water slides, a swimming pool, and first showers since Keith and Wendy’s. Revy still has one of the best City Recreation centers we’ve visited. While in Revy we enjoyed some pierogi pizza (It’s even better than it sounds) and a couple days of skiing!! Ah, sweet Revy powder. IMAG0398  IMAG0414

Last year we decided to ditch the snowboards and ski like adults. MB did incredible despite she is still learning and Revelstoke Mountain mostly just has intermediate and advanced terrain (Canadian Blues and Blacks mind you).  Even though we weren’t staying in the resort, the manager allowed us to shower and use the hot tub to soak our very sore legs.

IMAG0415 IMAG0411IMAG0401