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Soooo….we bought a new house. After living on the road for a year and a half in approximately 100 square feet, we decided we needed to upgrade for mental health reasons. Not just for our sanity but that of our pets.

This is what we were living in and we loved it. But we out grew it.


This is our new home. Yes, it’s big and looks like a bus! It’s about twice as big as what we planned on getting. But no longer are we stepping on each other. No longer can only one person can be standing at a time. All 6 of us can stand and move about without touching. What a relief as we still only shower every 4 days. The bathroom is the big bonus for MB.


So far, we love it! It has posed some challenges such as maneuvering through busy parking lots and finding spots to dump our waste. It has always been tricky getting fresh water so nothing new on that front. We are quickly getting the hang of things and we are very content with our upgrade. It is a Forest River Forester and she’s a beauty.

Our first trip took us to Zion’s National Park for the Albrechtsen family spring break.

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Then off to Saint George for mountain biking and climbing. IMAG0847-1 IMAG0851

We’re currently in Red Rocks Conservation Area near Las Vegas having a fantastic time climbing.

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