DSCN0817 Our previous memories of Red Rocks included: breaking out in a heat rash, Magoo with “G.I.” issue in the back seat of the Honda, and Magoo squealing like he was being attacked by a mountain lion while we were 3/4th of the way up a 650 ft. route! By the way, we did a speedy rappel down a 100 ft. or so, we could clearly see he was fine and Misha was sleeping soundly beside him.

So really Red Rocks could only get better, right? Well, as MaryGreg and Beth misadventures go this was a misadventure of misadventures. Say what? You got it right. A double negative. Red Rocks was FANTASTIC.

Our first mis-misadventure began with an incredible Easter Sunday service at Canyon Ridge followed by a wonderful breakfast (i.e. red velvet pancakes) at Baby Stacks in Las Vegas.


Once we established our home (i.e. camping spot) for the next couple weeks, off we went to climb and Red Rocks did not disappoint.

Our only true misadventures on this trip were:

  • climbing on top of the camper at 1am and 3am to fasten a loose awning during 35mph winds (3 nights in a row)
  • following bad directions and getting lost
  • not chasing shade well enough and trying to climb whilst not melting in 85F


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