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So many places feel like home.  Perhaps, that’s because wherever we are is home. 🙂 Today, if we had to settle in one place, Bishop is in the top 5.

Not only does Bishop hosts some outstanding climbing destinations such as: The Buttermilks, Owens River Gorge, The Happy’s, Sad’s, Druids, Pine Creek, Rock Creek, …and easy access to the entire the Eastern Sierra’s, Bishop has everything else from Schat’s Bakery to Raymond’s Deli and a Kmart.

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We’d been to Bishop and climbed several times before. This time we yearned for some new adventures (i.e. places unvisited).  This led us to our first MG&B Bishop misadventure:

We met some to-be new friends while climbing in Owens River.  Following their suggestion, we decided to check out Cardinal Pinnacle.  A couple days later we went to climb the West Face route. Typically, this wouldn’t be much more than just a great day climbing granite cracks and slab.

However, at the trailhead I distinctly remember commenting to MB the route appeared to have a bit of snow and perhaps even some ice.  Whatever… we’d been in Alberta CLIMBING ICE all winter (although then we had crampons and ice axes).  If in doubt I’d just pull myself up on gear.

After hiking up the wrong “trail” and traversing a large scree field, we arrived at the base of our route only 1hr later the estimated 30 min. Yes, there was snow AND ice on the route.  Since we’d already hiked to the base, WE decided to giv’er a go and giv’er I did.

Well, I never made it to the top of the first pitch and MB never left the ground (sorry babe). The good thing is I learned a valuable science lesson about the frictional coefficient of wet climbing shoes on icy rock (FYI: it’s about the same as roller skates on an ice rink)…..enough said.DSCN1002

Our SECOND misadventure, took us biking along dirt roads in search for a White Face Ibis.  No Ibis’s were found.  However we did see:

  • Long haired Chihuahua wearing a sweater
  • Blue Teal
  • and dry sanitation ponds (this is where we though the Ibis to be)

Continuing with our new mantra of trying all things new we headed off to Pine Creek Canyon.  Wow!

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Pine Creek