We finally settled. Well, for 3 months that is.  While MB was off running, crawling, and falling through manzanita, I was manning the homestead.  It was tough.  I was forced to mountain bike as much as possible during the week with horrible views along endless miles of singletrack.

DSCN1213  DSCN1224

During the course of the summer I had the pleasure of routinely getting whipped in Pickleball by the Olympic Gold Medal SENIOR champion. Thanks  to my new buddy and 1970s TV musical personality Ron Schmeck!

The climbing had been quite tricky.  In the beginning we were operating on a 4:1 ratio. Meaning, we climbed once per every 4 attempts because we were generally shut down by full parking lots. This snapped us back into the reality of climbing in urban areas.  Once we figured out the “local schedule” the crags opened up once again.

MBonhaystack haystack2

..of course there was always the beach!