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We got to Las Vegas on Christmas Eve and have thoroughly enjoyed the local climbing and biking scene. Scott and April came on Christmas day and during their visit we were able to bike at Bootleg Canyon and Blue Diamond, then climb at Red Rocks.

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Our friend Heather bought a last minute plane ticket to check out the RV lifestyle and had the privilege of sleeping in the “loft”. Here are our photos from our hike at Calico Tanks in Red Rocks, biking at Blue Diamond, and sightseeing in Vegas.

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All this company has made us realize that we have slowly become hermits and we definitely need to get out more and socialize. The desert environs has grown on us and we’re not sure when we’ll leave. Misha Greg

We’re currently back in Tucson and will be here for 6 weeks. The mountain biking is surprisingly wonderful and we are addicted to pickleball and the pickleball community. We found our people. GsBday Pickle4Pickle1 Pickle2

We play almost every morning and then run drills in the evenings unless we go biking. There is a wonderful hot tub and outdoor pool to soak in afterwards.

The temps have been in the mid 60s. Don’t be a hater.