It’s been a while but we are back at it after seven weeks of seclusion. We are busting out baby!

On our way back into the wild, we did a bit of birding and some eating. There is a small riparian trail behind the Lakeside RV Campground with some decent birding. Also, we spotted a plethora of waterfowl on Lake at the Hills in Cedar City. For dining options, we recommend Black Sheep Cafe in Provo and Oscar’s Cafe in Springdale.

We were able to spend quality time with an old friend biking the Gooseberry Mesa trail system  (BLM map) with a subsequent visit to the emergency room after he took a couple of nasty diggers. Dislocated thumb anyone?

Gooseberry TrailheadGreg edge ridingMason riding the rim

We took an exhilarating hike up Angels’ Landing with the happy sighting of FIVE (!!!!) California Condors. See this link for more information on the hike.   

We sloshed our way up the Narrows Trail into tranquility. We waited until dusk to start the trek out and had the entire canyon to ourselves.
(you can rent gear in town at Zion Adventure Company)

Bonus Round:

  • Getting the RV back from 7 weeks of repairs and finding that Draper Camping World, bless their hearts, broke almost as many things as they fixed.
  • Having a random key that most certainly does not fit our trailer lock AND finding this out as we are preparing to leave town.
  • Greg letting go of the poop shoot tube just as I released the poop and having our crap spew all over before those with their wits still about them closed the shoot.
  • MB kicking a case of wine with her baby toe and splitting it down the middle causing plans for climbing in Zion NP to be cancelled. Her name be GRACE.

Let the games begin! Yeehaw.