Going a-Field


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We visited the mini-town of Field for 5 days and did some AT skiing with the dogs and got in a spectacular day of ice climbing on Guinness Gully. DSCN2954  DSCN0033 DSCN0023  DSCN0018  DSCN0016

DSCN0012 DSCN0028

DSCN0004  DSCN0031

If you are ever passing through, grab a bite to eat at the Truffle Pig. Obviously we were attracted to the more phallic looking dishes they were serving that evening. Cheers.

IMAG0446  IMAG0448


The Great White North


Once again we have crossed the border. I’d like to say our first stop in Canada was somewhere exciting but not quite. Our first stop was, yup, Immigration. It seems we may never cross this border unquestioned. We had two apples. Apparently guns, pepper spray, swords, Mexican refugees, and any fruit with a core are not allowed into Canada. DOH!

Moving along into our first night we found a great camping spot near a river in the Juniper Beach Provincial Park. This spot will always be remembered as the place you can sit silently by a river AND listen to trains honking and screeching throughout the night. Ah, to be in nature. Move along folks don’t camp here.

On to Revelstoke. We’ll say it again. We LOVE Revy! Our first night was rewarded with indoor water slides, a swimming pool, and first showers since Keith and Wendy’s. Revy still has one of the best City Recreation centers we’ve visited. While in Revy we enjoyed some pierogi pizza (It’s even better than it sounds) and a couple days of skiing!! Ah, sweet Revy powder. IMAG0398  IMAG0414

Last year we decided to ditch the snowboards and ski like adults. MB did incredible despite she is still learning and Revelstoke Mountain mostly just has intermediate and advanced terrain (Canadian Blues and Blacks mind you).  Even though we weren’t staying in the resort, the manager allowed us to shower and use the hot tub to soak our very sore legs.

IMAG0415 IMAG0411IMAG0401



Finally!!  Yes, we made it to Yosemite.  Wonderful, wonderful place! Although it rained for 4 days; we did have 4 days of sun and amazing climbing.


The rainy days weren’t so bad as Greg worked and we got in a few nice hikes. However, anyone who has been near a wet dog should be able to appreciate the unpleasantries of 4 wet mammals in an enclosed 100 square foot box.


It was our first Thanksgiving literally in the camper. MB did an outstanding job with the limited kitchen and put together quite the spread of turkey cutlets, mashed yams, homemade Cab-Franc cranberry sauce, rolls, and veggies.  Mmmmm.

One of our hikes involved an interesting wildlife hike with an interpretive ranger. The entire group heard a very loud gunshot type noise. Greg asked the ranger if someone was hazing the bears. She responded that it was rock fall we were hearing. Say what?! Suddenly, 5 deer go rushing past our group away from the “rock fall” noise. Then, a bear comes running into the field adjacent the trail we are hiking. Chasing the bear is a woman carrying a high-powered air gun. The ranger sees none of this. We are yelling, “Look at all those deer!” and “hey, there’s a bear!” We decided at this point we would probably see more wildlife without the ranger so we hiked on our own.

Utah: ummmm…can we pretend like it never happened?

On our way to Utah, we made a quick stop in Lander, WY for a couple of days of climbing and eating good food before driving to Utah (our home base).IMAG0335

1. MB got a bad massage that gave her a migraine headache for 2 days.
2. Greg’s mom loves house projects but has a tendency to attack them with a 1 step forward, 2 steps back approach.
For example: Unnamed perpetrator (UP)- reads directions for hanging wall texture paper then explains how process should work to 2 innocent bystanders (IB)

UP: “Paper is soaked in water for 10 minutes then hung on wall.”
IB’s: Listen and obey
UP: then soaks strips of paper in water for 10 minutes then picks up soaking wet strips and hands to IB#1 on top of ladder to hang on wall.

Glue from back of paper comes pouring off the paper and onto the carpet. Also, the drenched paper has absorbed so much water that it weighs 10 pounds and begins to tear. Air bubbles form where the adhesive portion of the paper is separating from the textured part of the paper.

Oh, goody.

IB#2: Picks up instructions after 1/3rd of the paper has been hung and reads “Paper is soaked in water for 10 SECONDS and then folded on itself and let sit for 5 minutes.”

Oh dear…

3. The camper heater took 4 days to get repaired so we were late leaving for Yosemite. While in Nevada, we figured out that the heater was not repaired properly when it began to sound like an airplane taking off. We did get a refund and the employee who worked on it was supposedly fired. Hummm


Wonderful climbing and birthday fun


We love Ten Sleep. We might actually move here. The climbing was superb and because it was only 45 degrees and hunting season, we were the only climbers around. Go figure.  The crux of each climb seemed to be: not freezing our hands; and not getting shot.

DSCN5679 DSCN5664

We did this:

DSCN5708 DSCN5699 DSCN5703DSCN5667 DSCN5739

and this:


DSCN5730 DSCN5716

For MB’s birthday, we went to the hot pools in Thermopolis and played on water slides for hours. There were soaking pools, hot tubs, indoor and outdoor swimming pools.  A day of rejuvenation. That’s what you need when you turn 42. To feel like you’re a kid again.

IMAG0287 IMAG0288

Only downer was she left her Visa check card in a local ATM machine. That’s what happens when you turn 42. You barely remember to zip up your pants or tie your shoe laces. You’ve been warned.

Trials and tribulations…

Truck engine sputtering, sperttering, and chucking. Not good. We stopped in Gillette to get the truck looked at and stayed at the always classy Walmart parking lot. Yo, if you haven’t tried it, you should. Honestly, it’s not always so great. There is generally a very busy, loud road nearby. Sometimes a massive semi will park nearby and the engine or some such nonsense will cycle all night and keep you awake. We’ve had the occasional teenagers drag racing and “yahoo”-ing in these parking lots. The good part is you have a 24-7 bathroom available and sometimes that is imperative.

We made it to Ten Sleep through a snow storm and then the engine started sputtering, sperttering, and chucking again and then the furnace started working intermittently. NOT GOOD!!!!!

Drove an hour away for an electric heater then had to pay the big bucks to camp at an RV Park with electricity while free camping was just a stone’s throw away. Ugh. Fortunately, the truck miraculously stopped lurching and started to behave.

Just so we’re clear. This life on the road is not all glamour. Actually, we only shower about every 3 to 5 days and it is absolutely impossible to get rid of all the pet hair.

Why Om-ing


We got to climb this! Yeah, we climbed that one time. We hopped on a moderately rated route to find that we couldn’t even squeeze our wee digits into the crack. Grunting and cussing ensued. Don’t get me wrong. We had fun. Yes we DID!

DSCN5651 DSCN5648DSCN5637 DSCN5654

The next day we attempted some other fun climbs. Well, we think they would have been fun but we never made it there. We scrambled and climbed the 5.4 scramble (HA) and never could get to the much desired starts to those climbs. We regrouped over Justin’s maple almond butter and jam sandwiches and decided to feel very sorry for ourselves. This led to driving to town to seek consolation beer and pizza. We were cheered by bartender Michael and his confessions of  embracing the shame of having Beiber Fever.

Um….yeah, this is how we wash dishes in Wyoming. In the bidet/ toilet contraption. Don’t judge.


Bad weather moved in and so we moved out in search better weather elsewhere.


South Dakota ROCKS!


Oh dear. We love it here. We’ve been to Mt. Rushmore TWICE!!!  We went to the cheesy Bear Country USA animal park. We’ve climbed and climbed some more. Oh dear.

Then why must we go? The wind started blowing 50+ miles per hour and we can’t climb no mo’.

Here are a few of our favorite things while in SD.

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South Dakota

Ok, now that you’re done looking at the pictures… yes those climbs were SCARY!  It wasn’t the height or exposure but the unprotected 40ft run-out nature of climbing in the Black Hills.  All in all we planned to be here for only about two days but stayed nearly an entire week.

Climbing near Mt. Rushmore was a nice cragging experience and a good place to get a feel for the style.  Now Climbing in Custer State Park (aka the Needles) was altogether something else.  The routes ranged from 140ft single pitch or longer 3 or 4 pitch routes.  Some sport routes, some trad routes, while others claimed to be mixed.  This was a great place to test your nerves and ability to not fall.

Lastly, when you see us next please remind us to tell you about our wolf attack!  It’s true.  We were attacked by a REAL Timber wolf.

NOTE:  Thanks to Bill and Cori (whoever you are) for all the beta.

..and We’re Back

On the road that is.  We had quite the summer in Colorado! MB finished her job and we were yearning to get back on the road.  During our last week in Colorado, we were able to hang out and say goodbye to our dearest friends and we thank those of you who made time for us.

A HUGE thank you to the Grooters.  What amazing friends you are.  Thanks dearly for letting us camp/live in your gutter (literally).  Without you, living in Colorado would have been far more difficult.  Especially after we got kicked out of the State Park for staying tooooo long. 😀 Lastly, thanks for the wonderful birthday/send-off party complete with balloons and streamers!!! Heather, you ROCK!!!!



We decided to get this showboat on the road and our first stop was…… the Fort Collins Brewery.  YEAH! Our friend Jia met us out for some laughs & libations.

Then, in true MG&B style, all forward momentum came to a halt so Greg could travel for work.  So, after one day on the road, MB was left to fend for herself at Curt Gowdy State Park, WY where there is much hiking and swoopy mountain biking to be had.

More delays as Greg’s luggage was lost then MB had to try on numerous pairs of cowgirl boots in preparation for living free range.


We did finally make it to enchanting South Dakota.

We LOVE it here!

Greg warming up on what we thought was a 5.8. Uh, no, that’s the 5.11.

MB at the crux